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Browse our online inventory of canadian made mattresses.

Hybrid Mattresses

  • Specialty foam comfort layers provide pressure relief and support such as Latex and Memory Foam.

  • Reduced Motion transfer between you and your partner 

  • Quantum® Encased Coil Unit offers an enhanced edge-to-edge support, reducing the feeling of roll-off while minimizing movement transfer across the mattress

  • Most Hybrid mattresses are designed with your back in mind with NO FLIP technology

  • Cooling gel foam technology helps keep you cool throughout the night  

  • Advanced Copper-Gel Foam provides numerous beneficial properties including anti-aging, naturally anti-inflammatory, cooling and more 

HUSKY Mattresses

  • Designed for heavier weights, to give you comfortable back support

  • All HUSKY products use made-by-hand methods incorporating new technology and new ways of thinking

  • HUSKY mattresses are designed with your back in mind with NO FLIP technology

  • HUSKY's heavy duty design is also ideal for all body shapes and sizes and heavy/light couples. It provides the support required for the heavier partner while still allowing the lighter partner to have comfortable undisturbed rest.

  • Reduced Motion transfer between you and your partner 

Specialty Foams


Classic Mattresses

  • Memory foam contours to your body to provide support and pressure relief.

  • Latex foam provides enhanced support, pressure point relief and rapid body responsivness. Latex foam is all natural, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, dust mite resistant, mold resistant, and certified to be free of harmful chemicals. .

  •  ​Cooling gel foam technology helps keep you cool throughout the night .  

  • Advanced Copper-Gel Foam provides numerous beneficial properties including anti-aging, naturally anti-inflammatory, cooling and more 

  • Reduced Motion transfer between you and your partner 

  • Classic Innerspring mattresses which feature some classic comfort layers and rigid support

  • Durable steel support coils located in the base of the mattress to provide a firmer feel.

  • Steel edge guard support to enhance structural integrity

Buying a New Mattress

We know that buying a mattress can be confusing, expensive and stressful. There are many mattress brands and mattress builds that can make the selection process cumbersome. We have put this step by step guide together, to make the process easier for you.

Step 1: Evaluate your mattress

Try to recall when you purchased your mattress. It is likely been several years since you purchased it or it may be the same mattress you had in college. As you continously use the mattress everyday, the components will wear out over time. This includes the upholstery, comfort layers and support systems. You may notice that your mattress is sagging, a coil has popped out or the mattress is not as comfortable as the hotel mattress you recently slept on. 

Step 2: Understand your budget and duration

Purchasing a new mattress is expensive so it is important to consider creating a budget. On the bright side, a new mattress is a purchase that will last several years. If you are student, constantly moving or working on a limited budget we have a few inexpensive options under $500. If you are looking for a good quality mattress that will last several years, you will spend approximately $700 - $1600 (Queen Size Set).  When it comes to mattresses, there is truth in the saying " Buy Nice or Buy Twice".  

Step 3: Understand the different types of mattresses

There are four main types of mattresses; Memory Foam Mattresses, Latex Mattresses, Hybrid Mattresses & Innerspring Mattresses 

  • Memory Foam Mattresses are favoured by many people for its conturing capabiilties, body support and pressue relief. When it comes to memory foam mattresses, there are a lot of options on the market with different price points and thicknesses. it is important to consinder the density of the memory foam used in the model you are interesed in. Mattresses that are rolled in a box usually contain lower density foam to reduce the cost of the product and weight. Premium memory foam mattresses use higher density foam to increase the durability, mattress lifecycle and contouring response. The potential con's of memory foam mattress is that they may retain heat (depending on the constuction). If you purchase a Gel Memory Foam mattresses that has an open flow constuction that allows airflow and cooling, this can be signifcantly reduced.

  • Natural Latex mattresses are derived from the rubber tree and as a result they are expensive to manufacture. Natural Latex is naturually hypoallegnic and enviromently friendly. If you are looking to purchase this kind of mattresses, you will spend over $2000. You may find latex mattress options under $2000 but it is likely that the latex used in the mattress is synthetic.

  • Hybrid Mattresses provides you with the best of both worlds. You get the support of a coil mattress but the contouring comfort of Memory Foam, Latex Foam or Gel Memory Foam mattresses from the top layers of the mattress. Hybrid mattresses usually feature pocket coil contrustion which are favoured by many couples for it's reduced motion transfer properties. When you are tossing and turning throughout the night, the motion transfer between partners is minimal. This technology makes it unlikely that your partner will be disturbed by your movement. Additionally, these mattresses feature an enhanced edge support system that increases the sleeping surface area and edge support (important for those that sit at the edge of their bed often).

  • Innerspring Mattresses have been around for years and theses are likely the mattresses you are currently sleeping on. Theses a generally inexpensive mattress that do not feature premium comfort layers but are very durable.

Step 4: Understand your sleeping position

It is important to understand your natural sleeping positons when selecting a new mattresses. This will allow you to narrow down the options when choosing a new mattress. 

  • Back Sleepers typically favour a medium firm to extra firm mattress. Indiviudals that suffer from back pain are usually back sleepers. It is important to note that it is perfectly okay for the mattress to have a little give in the top layer of contouring foams so that your spine can rest in the natural postion. However, it should not give signifcantly.

  • Side Sleepers typically favour a plush to medium firm mattress. Side sleepers are usually looking for mattresses that reduce pressure points of the shoulder, neck and hips. It is very important for side sleepers to visit the showroom to try the mattress options.

  • Stomach Sleepers typically favour a firm mattress. A firm mattress provides the necessary support for this posiiton, although the spine is not in its natural position.

Step 5: Understand your room size and height 

This is unique for each and every individual. You spend a third of your life sleeping so it is important to have your space. ​

  • Understand the size of the room where the mattress will be placed. A large mattress will take up more space in the room so, you will want to consider walking space, furniture etc.

  • Understand your height and the height of your partner. A Twin or Double mattress has length of 74" and a Queen or King mattress has a length of 80".

Step 6: Test the mattresses 

We know that purchaisng a new mattress is a big decision and we recommend visiting the showroom to test the mattresses. Mattresses are not a one size fits all product and the best way to select the right mattress, is by trying them.

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