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Husky Mattresses

  • Designed for heavier weights, to give you comfortable back support

  • All HUSKY products use made-by-hand methods incorporating new technology and new ways of thinking

  • HUSKY mattresses are designed with your back in mind with NO FLIP technology

  • HUSKY's quality design, engineering and craftsmanship is built to last. Specially designed for heavier weights, our goal is to give you comfortable back support through the years so you don't have to replace your mattress as often as a traditional mattress while providing you comfort and rest. HUSKY's heavy duty design is also ideal for all body shapes and sizes and heavy/light couples. It provides the support required for the heavier partner while still allowing the lighter partner to have comfortable undisturbed rest.

  • HUSKY's skilled craftsmen take the time and effort to carefully build each and every HUSKY mattress one-at-a-time by hand. This sets HUSKY apart from standard production line mattresses while delivering on the promise of quality and maximum durability

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