Windsor Mattress Plus

Prices you can't beat, for a good night's sleep

The world’s most natural and unique sleep surface

When it come’s to the kind of cushioning that only mother nature can provide, nothing rivals pure latex foam. Harvested from the protective sap of the havanea brasilinesis or rubber tree, latex is truly an all-natural product. The trees are not damaged during harvesting and no synthetic materials are used in manufacturing process. And most importantly, latex is naturally cool to the touch as well as antimicrobial, and dust mite resistance. In short, our pure touch latex is the ideal natural bedding material to provide restful and healthy sleep.

Naturally improves your sleep environment

How can the world’s most natural sleep surface be improved upon? The answer lies in our exclusive design. Unlike many conventional foams such as memory foam, pure lattex moves with you, responding immediately and providing ideal support in any sleep position. This natural confirming ability also reduces areas of pressure that causes you to toss and turn, interrupting a good night sleep. This results is gentle orthopedic support and exquisite comfort in any sleep position.

Discover the unique feel and support of our husky nature series mattress. you will never want to sleep on a conventional mattress again.